[Exams are here again]

I am on a leave for my exams, this time I didnt prepared a lot for them, so I wont be able to give time to my this online presence, so please forgive me becoz after my exams you will experience a new BLOG here.....

In short I am on Exam Break!!!!

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[Earn more from your Blog]

It was first Google AdSense service converting our website/blog visits into profit, but as in any other field we have a trend to follow others generally, many names came in for the same purpose including the most competing name for Google i.e. Yahoo, but Google proves itself strong like a steel nail but there are many other developing and doing lots of experiments by offering different ideas with different views, the most upcoming is Chitika.com here is a little review of it.

Chitika Offers eMinimalls, eMiniMalls Empowers Web Publishers To Generate Revenue Beyond Banner Advertising,

The revenue opportunities generated from its comprehensive merchandising engine, eMiniMalls offers a more informative window shopping experience in which users can browse and learn about products that are dynamically targeted to the content of the site and their interests in particular -- all without having to leave the simerchandising service includes:

  • Targeted product merchandising: Brings products related to site content to the visitor
  • Product promotion: Promotes targeted products, not merchants, to the visitor
  • Product reviews: Feeds into the consumer demand for more informed buying decisions
  • Intelligent product recommendations: Extremely targeted based on related site content
  • A comparative shopping experience: Visitors click when they know the Price is Right
  • Content and behavior-based feedback loop: Intelligently learns what products are working best for a particular Web site.

Go Look out for yourself for this exciting service where you are in the advertisers mode.

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[Listed in LS Blogs]

Its a image how LS Blogs profiled me you can see here, I liked it very much.

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Since I've started a new blog, I am unable to concentrate it but I will be back with some extravaganza which is gonna to be in next year but my mind is already uptp it!

But I should say Happy Eid Mubarak, to all of you!!

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