[5 Things - Darely Tagged]

13 days ago Dr. Awab Alvi Tagged me which i missed, like some previous ones, but finally I am here to forward it on, and thanks Dr. Awab Alvi for tagging me...

TAG Questions:

5-years ago: I made my entry into Internet and made my first email ID which is still alive and I love it 11

1-Year ago: I started regular blogging although my this blog was made in September 2004 but I will celebreate my Happy Bloggy Birthday in January.

5-Songs that I know all the words to: Sali by Shahzad Roy, One live by Blue, Uchiyan Machajan by Jawad Ahmed, Dil Dil Pakistan by Vital Signs.

5-Things that I’d never wear : I would like to omit this question because I have no idea about it...

5-Things I’d do with a $100 million dollars: hmmmm Home, Studies, n Family, after these surely I will have zero balance

5 Favourite TV Shows: Oprah, BBC ClickOnline, CNN Spark, Geo TechTalk, n some daily Top 10 Musik one

5 Greatest Joys: Dont have any yet, after my love but I will share if i ever have in future.

5 People that I’m tagging : SajShirazi, Amiething Goes, Bina Shah, Amir Saleem and Dark Writer.

Tags: Tagging, Tag.

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I cant resist to share these some nice but chocolaty stuff with you, I found somewhere on net, so check it out guyz and tell me you fav chocolaty one.....


Tags: Chocolate, Chocolate Pictures, Chocolate Art.

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[Einstein's Photos]

Check out this very informative photo album of the Super Genius Einstein.

Tags: Einstein, Einstein Photos, Einstein Photo Album.

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[Bush Exposed]

U.S. President George W. Bush writes a note to Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice during a Security Council meeting at the 2005 World Summit and 60th General Assembly of the United Nations in New York. Photo: Rick Wilking/Reuters

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[Site Intro's]

Sites I reviewed till now

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[Explore Blogs]

Blogger have added to Explore Blogs more effectively by a tab on their hompage where you can enjoy four things at a time of your signup.
1. Blogs of Note: where you can check out the recomemnded blogs
2. Rondom Blogs.
3. Blogs updated at the time of your sign-up and ,
4. Lastly Search the blogs across the blogs.

Do you like it and will it help you?

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[ATM Habbits: Men Vs Women]

*Drive to the bank, park, go to the cash dispenser
*Insert card
*Dial code and desired amount
*Take the cash, the card and the slip

*Drive to the bank
*Engine stalled
*Check make-up in the mirror
*Apply perfume
*Manually check haircut
*Park the car - failure
*Park the car - failure
*Park the car - success
*Search for the card in the handbag
*Insert card, rejected by the machine
*Throw phonecard back in handbag
*Look for bank card
*Insert card
*Look for the chit (where secret code written) in handbag
*Enter code
*Study instructions for 2 minutes
*Re-enter code
*Call friend/husband to get correct code
*Enter huge amount
*Enter large amount
*Enter smaller amount
*Cross fingers
*Take cash
*Go back to the car
*Check make up in rear mirror
*Look for keys in handbag
*Start car
*Drive 50 meters
*Drive back to bank machine
*Get out of the car
*Take card and ticket back from machine
*Go back to the car
*Throw card on passenger seat
*Throw slip on the floor
*Check make up in rear mirror
*Manually check haircut
*Go into roundabout - wrong way
*Go into roundabout - right way
*Drive 5 kilometers
*Remove hand brake
*Stop at mall
*Spend money
*Go back to step 1

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[Cool Gadgets]

Sun fun

The Solar EFX Mobile Charger not only charges the internal batteries of your cellphone, but also your PDA, MP3 or any other portable device. A bit slow (takes about five hours) but works well otherwise. It only features a USB port.

Mobile memory

This Sitecom Media drive boasts of 30GB of memory, which supports USB drives and most storage cards. It also has a handy eight-in-one memory card reader/writer besides an LCD display.

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[Site Intro: Google Fight]

It's time to settle all those age-old disputes between friends and colleagues with another great little GoogleHack at Google Fight. Ever had an argument with someone about whose football team or favourite band is the best? Well, now you can resolve this dispute with the help of Google Fight. The concept is brilliantly simple - just type the two opposing sides into the spaces provided and click to Make a Fight.
Check out the fights other people have been having by clicking the link on the left for some more laughs.

Check out My Fights
MhGold - Amiething
MhGold - Shirazi
Hammad - Jibran(My Uni Friend)
Shahruk - Amitabh(Bollywood Actors)
Harrypotter - Loed Voldermort

Do post your fights, isnt it a fun!

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[Seven things]

I was tagged by Sir Shirazi on his this post "Seven things", but due to my Uni Blog which is still under construction and manythings more I just missed it , but today I was checking his blog some updates and found dis tagged quiz so here is my answers....

I can do: I can do everything mind it everything, from jumping from building to creap over floor, isnt it Wierd..ahem ahem! Yeh guyz i was just kidding!! I can do many things of which this page isnt enough..

I can't do: Gambling, making false emotions, and finally cant handle the girl hype.

Things that attract me to the opposite sex: Smile, way of talking, stilled pics, and flirting nature.

Words I use most: Kya hey?(Whats It?), Nahin(No!) , Acha (ok), Well Good, Kis ney kaha?(who said it?)

Plan to do before I die: Fall in love, get my MPhill, writing a novel, Making lot of moneye and some gud things for my after life also.

Celebrity crushes: Vey Much, the biggest is Kirsten Dunst.

Nice Quiz, keep tagging me, keep sending me this kinds a stuff, I will be back in my original moods soon, as i am trying to get a PC soon for home blogging, bye den

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