New blog look

Here is a new look of blog inspired from Asma's funny blog, as I was in search of making something good n impressive for New Year as well as for completion of my first year in blogging. Now the only thing needed is you comments please go and add some comments to make me feel what I have to do next.


One Month Vacations

Right now I am enjoying one month vacations and like to go karachi for a change, spending my time by hanging out with cousins yup cousins as my friends are still busy in papers!

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[ I am back....]

First of all a big my blogging fraternity.
Finally I am back, after an exam break of 33 days. Exams were great but not so easy to tackle with. I really missed the blogging thing very much, more than you cant understand but time management was so difficult for me everytime that I have to sacrifice the blogging thing even the computer use during exams...
Is this happened to you ever that I dont know its a concidence or a pre-planned that when Pakistan played its first match against England last month that same day we got our very first paper & today was last match as well as my last paper!! It isnt for first time almost every annual year I face this problem, may be i should now start taking intrest in other sport!! hmm... tennis will be the right choice, isnt it? Nice gorgeous beautiful players, like Sania Mirza, Maria Sherapowa,....

Here I am tagging all my fraternity (although not much lenghty) to aware of my comeback...

Amiething Goes
Asma Mirza
Dark Writer
Light Within
Teeth Maestro
The World Back Door

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