[Tool Tale]

No doubt we are bloggers the most circling medium writers, we have to concentrate a lot on our blogging along with our so-called research to provide a good stuff to out writers, and for that we have to visit several other blogs along with dozen of websites, means a lot of time, it means time matters for us, the more we save our time the more we provide a better content for our blog readers.

Being a blogger how do you save your time? which tool (RSS Reader i.e. MyYahoo, MyMSN, etc) you like to prefer to read several other blogs?



9:29 PM

RSS Reader: bloglines.com
Blog tool or weblog engine: Wordpress.org

I don't always read blogs and comment on their posts actually. And writing depends on my mood, sometime i think first what to write sometime i just write what i want to hehe ...

in the end, blogger is the best free weblog's tool if i compare it with another free weblog's tool (i meant by free is that you don't have a host that supports php to blog)


9:37 PM

yeh but ther are some users who use software as RSS readers, it helps them not to save their time but they can save certain wanted posts on their computers and you can name them advanced users. Isnt it ?


3:47 AM

yes you're right. In the other side, having RSS is like inviting someone to your house but the one who gets invited brings his own food and eats at your home without offering it to you. In other words you'll not know who are reading your weblog without visiting your weblog itself while you already have a statistic page :D I got anonymous RSS subscribers though both on my posts and comments (can you imagine your commentbox is being watched by someone out there whom you don't know hehe...)

Having RSS reader saves my time, though. Especially when I know that the original weblog itself has too light background or too small font-size, i still can read the posts using my RSS readers without having pain in my eyes and I come to the weblog only to give comments. When I don't have something to comment I can jump to another weblogs and start reading them. It saves my time because sometime the weblogs I visit load so slow and i have to wait for few minutes till all the things inside are already loaded

Dark Writer

2:14 PM

I think RSS hmm is a plain way to read a blog rite?! tell u wat..if you gonna read with the help of an rss you cant really know the worth of the writer...wat sorta human he's blah blah blah. in according to evaluate his writings, you should see the damn whole thing.
Like every word, blog designs, setup, the material, speaks for the writer where as with RSS you can only do things ur way, not the writers.so for me REAL THING is THE THING; NO rss plz.

Punk Dervish

8:29 PM

I Bloglines wish had access to comments too


12:02 AM

yeh this is the quite common answer from space bloggers they tend themselves to run away from the coding thing and spend there lot much time on uploading pics, writing new and decent attractive post, but nowadays readers respond them by reading their blogs by RSS readers, so bad.........isnt it ?

But the scenerio is not quite different for other bloggers. I hope so.....


9:00 PM

punk dear then i will not spend a much time on designing, adding cool feautures, and other things to my blog.......na never.....and the whole adsense of google will flop....isnt it??