[ I am back....]

First of all a big Hello.......to my blogging fraternity.
Finally I am back, after an exam break of 33 days. Exams were great but not so easy to tackle with. I really missed the blogging thing very much, more than you cant understand but time management was so difficult for me everytime that I have to sacrifice the blogging thing even the computer use during exams...
Is this happened to you ever that I dont know its a concidence or a pre-planned that when Pakistan played its first match against England last month that same day we got our very first paper & today was last match as well as my last paper!! It isnt for first time almost every annual year I face this problem, may be i should now start taking intrest in other sport!! hmm... tennis will be the right choice, isnt it? Nice gorgeous beautiful players, like Sania Mirza, Maria Sherapowa,....

Here I am tagging all my fraternity (although not much lenghty) to aware of my comeback...

Amiething Goes
Asma Mirza
Dark Writer
Light Within
Teeth Maestro
The World Back Door



1:28 AM

asslam o alaykum :)

tats good ... 33 days was something .... :)

enjoy u lie back now !!!


BTW, asma mirza and asma are same yaaaani me :)



10:08 AM

welcome back.