Amazing Sci-Fi story

Here's a little Sci-Fi story, a mind jumbling story :)

Kaalachakra Bar!

1975 Jan 1

was about five in the morning. Father (I am not bothering with names)
woke up with a start. Many years had passed since he had founded the
orphanage. He had named it ' X-Orphanage ' , a rather funny name. But
looking back, everything about his life seemed funny now. Hearing some
noise outside, Father decided to have a look. A child lay there in
front of the orphanage. It was a girl. Seeing her abandoned like this
in the cold morning, Father felt a sense of anger for the merciless
being who had thrown her away like this. He took her in his arms. He
would raise her like his own child.

17 Years Later

girl had now grown up. She was now staying at a hostel. She met a man
and fell in love with him. Soon she got pregnant.But the man
disappeared. She was thrown out of the Hostel. Father came and took her
back to the orphanage. She gave birth to a girl, but the baby was
mysteriously stolen. Unable to bear all this, the Father committed

5 years later

Due to some serious health
problems, the girl went to see a Doctor. The doctor having examined
her, said with a sad _expression on his face, "Adrenalo Sytosis, a
serious case of hormone imbalance" . An operation was performed in
which the doctor had to change the sex of the patient. The girl was now
transformed into a man. The man was very depressed because he had lost
his child, his father had committed suicide, his lover had betrayed
him, he had to change sex and so on. He eventually took to drinking.

day he saw that a new bar called 'Kaalachakra Bar' had opened in his
locality. He went in. He saw a bearded man to whom he related his sad
tale. he bearded man took pity on him and told him that he had a Time
Machine and that he could use it to change his past. He accepted the
gift from the bearded man. He decided to go to the past (to the year
1992) and started the Time Machine.!!!! !!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!


man arrived with the Time Machine in the year 1992. There he met a girl
and fell in love with her. The girl got pregnant. The man, unwilling to
marry her, left the town. He went to another city, earned some money
and five years later came back to the city where the girl lived.
Wanting to conceal his identity, he grew a beard. He started a bar
named 'Kaalachakra Bar'. One day a man came to the bar and narrated a
sorrow tale. Out of compassion, he gave the Time Machine to the man.
The man started the Time Machine and went back to the past.

a man wearing a mask came into the bar. He pointed a gun at the bearded
man. He said that he had a Time Machine and forced the bearded man into
it along with himself. Taking the bearded man with him, the masked man
started the Time Machine. When they reached the past, the masked man
suddenly gave the Time Machine to the bearded man and ran away. The
bearded man found himself in front of X-Orphanage. He went inside and
found a woman lying there with her new born baby. It was a girl. Since
the mother lay unconscious and there wasn't anyone else nearby to take
care of the girl, he took the girl and started the Time Machine to go
to the past.

1975 Jan 1

The bearded man arrived
with the girl. Thinking that it was the best place for the child, he
left her in front of X-Orphanage. He joined a college, studied hard and
became a doctor. One day a woman was brought to the hospital. He
examined her and found that it was a serious case of 'Adrenalo
Sytosis'. He performed an operation in which he had to change her sex.
One day, fed up with the complexities of modern life, he started the
Time Machine and went back in time.

1968 May 12

arrived at a time of great famine and suffering. Seeing all this, he
decided to become a priest and serve the people. He started an
orphanage and named it 'X-Orphanage' . Years later, he found a girl
lying in front of the orphanage. He took her and brought her up like
his own child. Many years later he heard that the girl was pregnant and
was thrown out of the hostel. He brought her back to X-Orphanage. She
gave birth to a girl and fell unconscious. The father desperately
searched for help, but since there was no-one nearby to help him, he
decided to bring a person back from the future. He wore a mask, took a
gun for protection and started the Time Machine. He materialized in
front of 'Kaalachakra Bar'. He went inside, found a bearded man and
forced him to travel with him to the past.

Reaching the past, he
felt very guilty about forcing the bearded man to come with him. He
gave the Time Machine to the bearded man and ran away to see his
daughter. When he reached there, he heard the sad news from his
daughter that the baby was stolen. Unable to bear the sorrow, he
committed suicide.