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Interesting what stuff one may find in her inbox. I found this spam mail in mine this morning. Is this another way of money laundering? Or just a big fraud? Well the mail is so fantastic I decided to post it here.

My Experience
Here is dat email i got yesterday from my own group member, offering me to earn some money, look it and tell me is she right ot is a scam...............

Assalamualikum friends,kia hal hain ap sub kay...aj mail ap ko
isleya lekh rahe hon kay... sochakese or ka bhe bhala ho ja ay...to baat ya hay
kay agar ap dollars $ kamanachahtay ho to ek asan tareqa ap kay leya laee
hon...jis say maire dost nay 1 month or 15 din main 1 lakh2000 hazar 120000 kama
ay hain.sirf apna id banaoo orapni e-mails check karo jis say ap kay account
maindollars khud he burh(increase) hain gay or apna idbanatay hoayapna
pata(Address) sahe bataeya ga kion kay paisay apkay us hepatay pur aa ain gay..
or jo mails ap ko check kurnehain wo mails ap ko khud aa ain ge...to apna id
bananay kayleya ap ko mainlink day rahe hon..
ko copy karain or apnayexplorermain paste kurdain ya is pur double click karain
ya apko site pur lay jaay ga.. wahan say ap sign up kay zareya apna id
yanie-mail address bana saktay hain... or dollars kamasaktay hain aasani say....
1 month 15 din main 120000.... so don't miss it.
or yah mazkh nahin hai
haqeeqat haior han agar koe problem ho to ap mujheymail kur saktay hain..

Really funny............



9:09 AM

although i can't understand the mail that you posted (language barrier) i do think that one is not a scam. probably another way of advertising