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Men are busy reading their own news, or they are reading the real efforts taken by our government. International Relief Reply is very good till now somehow they act atleast. But President is asking for more as there is still lack of many things moreover UN's Kofi Annan requested the whole UN members to provide help more n more and also thanked for so far co-operation with us. Thousands of relief goods has been transported toward the affected ones but there lies some faults which will be discused after we resolved this major hit.
Whtat Next?
They are trying to provide the shelter with special tents b'coz a the second major problem that hitted these areas is the worse and coarse weather.
We Can Only Pray

Dawn's Cartoonist express some of the thoughts in headlines.



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You are right Hammad. Earlier, Learning Curve was on "it is write." I wanted to bring this on Light Within. And Eid Mubarak to you.