[ Ramadan ]

Ramadan its sacredness meant a lot to muslims coz its one of the pillars of Islam, its the month when The Holy Quran bestowed its greatness on Musilm Ummah and it was completly sent to earth by God. Although Ramdan Sahrif (the sacred islamic month in muslims calendar), is on Thursday in Pakistan, announced by official commitee for moon sighting in Pakistan, while Saudi Arabia having their first Fast today.



4:40 PM

do you also fast on internet usage? (just a thought)


9:06 PM

hmm..nice thought but my reply is no, we are not supposed to do that, n why do we? do share why did you asked this question how it clicked your mind?


3:55 AM

re: earthquake..
Are u & your loved ones ok?


2:19 PM

Yeh i am absoultly fine but thanks for asking, where do u live? coz you sounds asian and may be u live in Punjab!!?
Isnt it?


1:06 AM

i'm a filipina, living in the US.