India bounced back

India has bounced back beautifully to level the series, what a come back through after the solid 105 runs openeing partnership between Sehwag and Tendulkar.

Winning captain Rahul Dravid gets the Hutch winning bonus award. Rahul says: "Very professional job today, right from the beginning". Dravid is really happy about the fielding effort by the Indians in the recent matches.

Inzamam-ul-Haq feels that it is not a good day for the Pakistan but gives the complete credit to India for today's win. He feels that 4 run-outs in the innings was one of the factor restricting the total to 265.

Third ODI, will be a day-nighter at Lahore on Monday (13th Feb). Good Luck to Pakistan and Inzi...



6:01 AM

i dont bother watching the match......cuz i jst call ma cousin n ask him if we gona win or far all his prediction was rit.....
beside who would stay awake till 4am....i would rather b in ma bed and dreaming....... :P

PS: i'll put u in ma buddies list....soon jst need some time which i am really short of these dayzilpdeqr