[What if Bill Gates Write a Love Letter]

My Dearest LOVE,
U r my only eye cursor,I am crazy bout ur Pentium style walk..U r my only life's UPS...Since i download u on my dream.com, my whole life is Reboot...B4 i was hourly entered in chatroom and searching for pretty_gal and cute_face, but since u entered like VIRUS in my ROM/RAM..my heart drive is already Format..Now in my life.net, there is only one applet's hyper-link..and that straightly goes to mydreamgirl.com, means to u...I m client of ur server and SNA or ATM whatever..I would capture u from any network...I feel like, I break all the TCP/IP protocol like a packet..I open my presentation layer's session in ur application layer.
For u..not only C...I can overcome the C++ and COBRA or CORBA whatever..I finish everything..OOPS! u b mine...My queen of sweetdreams.org, I would find u in any frame of this world..My heart pixel accept ur love...I have saved ur animated image in all MPEG,JPEG or GIF..and whole day i m hearing ur voice on WINAMP...If the programme of my love run n to ur 'Not Responding' message..I make it "End Task"...
U quickly accept my love or else i will forever "CTRL-ALT-DEL" my life from this world.
I want to surf with u on the waves of WWW (world wide web).But i m waiting for that day..when ur address would b happily everafter paradise.net
Ur Every Bit Lover,Bill Gates



6:00 PM

Nice post.


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