[Just a book]

Yeh, just a book? How it can be? but yeh it can! after al it is the wizardy book!
Hello, guyz I am talking about a book, I had decided not to read(dont know why) but as soon as the its fan fever rushed the newspaperz, magazines, and lastly the net and TV for its upcoming and latest worth reading book or should I say novel, yeh novel. I finally decided to read it, but I will not spend such a big money as I dont earn even a sigle peeny and dependant on mom, I borowed an urdu tranlasted Ist Book of its series, and decided to have my hand on it.
I read it in just 2 dayz, well wht a realief and vaganze i felt after it, it almost changed my way of thinking, then one hour before I bought the second of its series. . . . and will be reading whole day today. . . . just becoz i want to reach to six the latest one of its series, this year, as my UNI is gonna to open Ist next month. . .
But it isnt Addiction? and how can a book, just a book can do this?
I hope u got my addicted book, isnt it? then look-on the pic! just simple !
Bye for den.


Punk Dervish

2:26 PM

I am still not a Harry Potter fan.I hope that you have reache dthe thirds book of the series now.


11:25 AM

my roommate is into these kinds of books. she has a collection of some series of books from narnia, HP series to Tolkien's works. Now I on the other hand is happy enough just to borrow her books and watch these things when they are made into movies.