Thats the only thing no one having it, nor the poor and niether the richest ones, even the Queen of London, was the recent one who faces the terror of terror attacks last week, but indirectly. She condemns the racism of terror attacks by performing 2 minute silence along with his nation and Prim Minister Tony Blair and not like our leaders who just gave some Dollars to the families of killed ones. Every one have to change itself even me, coz after reading a post from my bloggy friend Amie, that one pic is still revolvingin my mind, and it strenghthens my belive on my God, that I am lucky one to survive, not from any disaster but by the curs of not being thankful to God, if ever God tightens my rops where will I found myself ?
Its the only question, I am onto!



11:19 AM

Nice post. Ad yes, I miss my friends when they fail to show up.


9:46 PM

Feeling comfortable after reading it !


1:05 PM

very nice post and thanks for the mention here hammad :)