[The ten most desirable women!]

Check it out all beauties here !!
But no place for so-called Aishwariya Rai !!

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1:53 AM

Ahh, J Lo! She's my all-time favorite. I'm so glad she was included in the list because I feel she is perhaps the sexiest woman ever.


7:08 AM

maybe you should have your very own 10 most desirable women. men has a varying taste, it'll be interesting to find out what is yours


6:27 PM

@diamondkt: she is.

@amie: then u have to mail me coz i cant tell u the names, coz all are around me in my life and can read my blog any moment ! coz prevention is better then cure....


12:52 PM

if you count them in your desirables then they should be flattered and thank you for that. ;)


4:01 PM

Amie - they will just kick out me out of their circle coz theses arnt all women some of them are some gud girls.