[5 Things - Darely Tagged]

13 days ago Dr. Awab Alvi Tagged me which i missed, like some previous ones, but finally I am here to forward it on, and thanks Dr. Awab Alvi for tagging me...

TAG Questions:

5-years ago: I made my entry into Internet and made my first email ID which is still alive and I love it 11

1-Year ago: I started regular blogging although my this blog was made in September 2004 but I will celebreate my Happy Bloggy Birthday in January.

5-Songs that I know all the words to: Sali by Shahzad Roy, One live by Blue, Uchiyan Machajan by Jawad Ahmed, Dil Dil Pakistan by Vital Signs.

5-Things that I’d never wear : I would like to omit this question because I have no idea about it...

5-Things I’d do with a $100 million dollars: hmmmm Home, Studies, n Family, after these surely I will have zero balance

5 Favourite TV Shows: Oprah, BBC ClickOnline, CNN Spark, Geo TechTalk, n some daily Top 10 Musik one

5 Greatest Joys: Dont have any yet, after my love but I will share if i ever have in future.

5 People that I’m tagging : SajShirazi, Amiething Goes, Bina Shah, Amir Saleem and Dark Writer.

Tags: Tagging, Tag.



3:21 PM

ugh! been tagged huh! ok i'll do it next week.


12:29 PM

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