[Site Intro: Google Fight]

It's time to settle all those age-old disputes between friends and colleagues with another great little GoogleHack at Google Fight. Ever had an argument with someone about whose football team or favourite band is the best? Well, now you can resolve this dispute with the help of Google Fight. The concept is brilliantly simple - just type the two opposing sides into the spaces provided and click to Make a Fight.
Check out the fights other people have been having by clicking the link on the left for some more laughs.

Check out My Fights
MhGold - Amiething
MhGold - Shirazi
Hammad - Jibran(My Uni Friend)
Shahruk - Amitabh(Bollywood Actors)
Harrypotter - Loed Voldermort

Do post your fights, isnt it a fun!



3:08 PM

i'm going to have to check on this. a google fight? you just wait :p


1:36 PM

Hi, I win;-) Thanks.