[Seven things]

I was tagged by Sir Shirazi on his this post "Seven things", but due to my Uni Blog which is still under construction and manythings more I just missed it , but today I was checking his blog some updates and found dis tagged quiz so here is my answers....

I can do: I can do everything mind it everything, from jumping from building to creap over floor, isnt it Wierd..ahem ahem! Yeh guyz i was just kidding!! I can do many things of which this page isnt enough..

I can't do: Gambling, making false emotions, and finally cant handle the girl hype.

Things that attract me to the opposite sex: Smile, way of talking, stilled pics, and flirting nature.

Words I use most: Kya hey?(Whats It?), Nahin(No!) , Acha (ok), Well Good, Kis ney kaha?(who said it?)

Plan to do before I die: Fall in love, get my MPhill, writing a novel, Making lot of moneye and some gud things for my after life also.

Celebrity crushes: Vey Much, the biggest is Kirsten Dunst.

Nice Quiz, keep tagging me, keep sending me this kinds a stuff, I will be back in my original moods soon, as i am trying to get a PC soon for home blogging, bye den



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3:30 PM

cool seven. ooops i think you've been attack by the spammer


11:52 PM

yeh u guessed right, the above three comments were spam, - whtever how are you and hoow u doin amie, sorry i havent at ur site since a long time coz of many offline work-holic things as i mention in this post....but i will be soon to the my full groom